Solutions to Common Challenges faced by IT Departments

There are some challenges faced by most of the IT departments when it comes to managing various IT related activities and here are some of them.

  1. Budget (CAPEX & OPEX): Securing the right and allocated budgets must be channelized and utilized effectively towards business value generation.
  2. Projects: Having an agreed project portfolio for the fiscal year with an individual program and project timelines
  3. Project Delivery: Project delivery, timeliness and value lack a collective agreement between all stakeholders.
  4. Transition to OPS: Methodical transition creates knowledge-gaps, silos and dragging-in of project related staff into operational issues and service interruptions/breakdowns.
  5. IT OPS & ITSM: IT assets lifecycle including software licensing and metering are often not managed methodically which introduces additional risks and substantial chunks of valuable budgets.
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