What is the Affiliate program?

A highly engageable system for professionals from different areas of expertise to put their built-in experience on the table and work with us on some of the unique and scalable local projects.

How the Affiliate program works

Become a part of the QCS family and partner with a global clientele. Follow these simple steps and join us as an affiliate.

  • Fill in the form with the required and mandatory details to your right.
  • Submit the form and you will receive an email from ‘contact@qcs.ae’ to submit your CV
  • If we have any project that matches your profile we will contact you to work with us.

Exciting Benefits For Our Affiliates

Being an affiliate of QCS consulting comes with several benefits ranging from working with a team of experts to sharing prestigious customers.

Working with our prestigious customers enhances the brand value.
Affiliates can work with our team on special and unique projects.
Working with a knowledgeable team that holds diverse expertise & practical experience.


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