5G Technology: The 5th Generation of Cellular Technology

5G Technology has the ability to provide opportunities with faster connectivity, lower latency, and greater bandwidth hence taking connectivity to another level by delivering connected experiences from cloud to client. Having the potential speed with low latency, it is attractive for enterprise applications to encompass augmented reality, IoT, location awareness and branch connectivity. Hence it is engineered to be more secure than its cellular service predecessors with the help of a comprehensive transport security called network slices.

Specifications of 5G Technology

Provides up to 10 Gbps data rate (10-100x more speed improvement than 4G LTE)
Uses shorter frequencies to transmit data via millimeter wave (30 GHz – 300 GHz)
Provides 1000x bandwidth per unit area
Up to 100x number of devices are connected per unit area
Provides up to 10-year battery life for low power IoT devices

Business Benefits of 5G Technology

With its increased speed and low latency, cellular technology provides automation to branch office.
Supports more users and devices connected in the same physical area without affecting availability with the increased capacity.
5G can cut the power consumed by devices by up to 90%, making 5G a compelling IoT use case, as some IoT devices could experience a 10-year remote battery life.
Augments the security features including key management services making 5G a more trusted option for IoT, branch and other enterprise traffic.

Use Cases of 5G Technology

With its low latency, capacity, and throughput, 5G is a prime candidate for innovation in city management and transportation. Wireless technology can be applied to streetlights, signals, and other public safety applications, enabling real-time events or AI models to alter lighting patterns in response to near-time events. The use of artificial intelligence along with machine learning and analytics to process real-time information can allow autonomous vehicles to communicate with one another via a 5G connection, where they will be able to automatically adjust their speeds when road conditions or traffic increase.


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