Metaverse: A New Era to be envisioned.

Metaverse at a Glance

A highly interactive conceptual realization of multiple technologies which enables users to traverse to the virtual world. Metaverse emulates certain aspects of the physical world using technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), social media and digital currency.

Metaverse in Action

  • Provides an immersive experience where users are enveloped to do anything in the virtual world such as exercising, socializing, playing games etc.
  • Opens doors to business opportunities offering a completely immersive way of promoting and consuming products using interactive marketing and advertisement strategies as well as improve customer services.
  • Provides better social interactions online allowing users to experience a personal connection online with their loved ones.
  • Can contribute to GDP growth wherein businesses and people can find ways to generate income and earn a sustainable living using the Metaverse.
  • Improves the work environment giving an intriguing experience to wear the VR headsets and join the three-dimensional virtual simulation of your workplace from the comfort of home.

Metaverse – Gaining Momentum

Microsoft has introduced Mesh that will establish a virtual presence using a digital and customized avatar. This platform uses a suite of AI-powered tools for avatars, session management, spatial rendering, synchronization across multiple users.

It was recently announced that Microsoft will be working with Accenture to create Mesh (Microsoft’s Metaverse) enabled spaces to help onboard new employees. The Mesh will be augmented with MS Teams to create a whole new experience for online meetings using Teams.

New recruits will receive instructions on how to create a digital avatar and access One Accenture Park, a shared virtual space that’s part of the onboarding process. The futuristic space includes a central conference room, a virtual boardroom and digital monorails that new hires use to travel to different exhibits.

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